Whether your a cottage owner or a group of guests we can help to get your holiday under way in style with a delicious hamper of gourmet produce. Local delicacies take pride of place but we can also supply a wide range of British and continental treats. Here are a few examples:

Welcome Holiday Hamper

Just what you need for a light, delicious supper on arrival and breakfast on your first morning.

Contents (enough for 4 people):

2 pints semi skimmed Welsh milk

Pack of Welsh butter


Welsh Hamper

A fine selection on local delicacies to add some flavour to your holiday:

Welsh cheese board - 150g (min.) pieces of Snowdonia extra mature cheddar, Organic Perl Las (blue), Organic Perl Wen (a soft, brie style cheese), Caws Cerwyn (smooth and buttery) and Celtic Promise (rich and pungent).

Selection of Welsh biscuits for cheese


Holiday Hamper

Snacks, dips and drinks to get your party going with a swing.


To order one of these call in at the shop,
or phone us on 01691 772407,
or visit www.gourmet-gifts.co.uk